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Get in on the latest conversation regarding ambulance decontamination. Listen to the new, 20-minute podcast titled, “COVID-19 and Ambulance Decontamination: The Need for Better Safety Measures in EMS.” 

How do you protect patients & personnel from infectious diseases in an ambulance? There are 5 key areas every Fire/EMS service should look at.

Ambulance Decontamination is a free 16-page white paper developed by Demers-Braun-Crestline containing information, resources, & considerations for High-Risk Infection Control in an Ambulance.



What will you learn from this white paper?

COVID-19 is the present-day challenge facing our first responders, but infectious diseases have always posed a threat to EMS personnel and their patients. Developed with insights and internal testing from engineering resources at Demers-Braun-Crestline, the white paper aims to identify verified solutions to reducing the spread of infectious diseases inside an ambulance. Highlighted are five key areas of focus; each is discussed in-depth to help identify why it is important and what proven options are available to implement inside an ambulance.

There are 5 key areas to focus on for infection control inside an ambulance.

The white paper includes a detailed overview of each of these, helping to educate readers on ambulance options and features that assist in limiting the spread of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. From plexiglass dividers to HEPA filters, chemical fogging systems to self-disinfecting surfaces, and everything in-between, this white paper outlines a variety of solutions that every emergency response organization should consider for protecting patients and personnel from infectious diseases.

As the second largest ambulance manufacturer in North America, our Engineering Departments have been working tirelessly to review all possible solutions, studies, and emerging products dedicated to ambulance decontamination and infectious disease control. This white paper is a result of their efforts. It is an introductory guide for organizations overwhelmed by where to start. Supported by our knowledgeable Sales Team and Dealer Partner Network, it is our mission to provide effective, compliant, validated solutions as we navigate the post-COVID-19 landscape and continue our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation.
Kim Braun, President USA